Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung 2012

Gosh, two years and and a wonderment of changes later, here I am.  Back in my wee world of playing with words but with a horizon that is happier, sunnier and stretches as far as the eye and heart can see.  I have taken a gamble to change career - perhaps not forever but, for now, it is enabling me to learn lots of wonderful lessons about humanity and, closer to home, myself.

Gone are the weekends and evenings of feeling utterly responsible for others and constantly checking my emails and dreaming of work.  Gone is the constant anxiety and loneliness.  Gone also is a certain sense of identity and, I hate to admit it, ego (when one is paid for one's advice and strategic thinking that's something that is hard to miss and admit that one does).  On the whole however, I am loving discovering a whole new world - and the world that is a relaxed and happy Clare.

But what is happiness?  Obviously it is a totally subjective concept but are there elements that contribute to a daily smile of each of us?  Most of my research projects start in my local library (use them or lose them people) which is where I stumbled across 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin

I've not yet finished it so cannot relay whether or not she reaches a state of utter nirvana.  What has both struck and tickled me however, is the concept of having a daily happiness record.  Which is a very lengthy introduction to what is my new, regular, happiness tick list - for the simple purpose of noticing and remembering each day what has made me smile.

So, day 1.

1. Going from a 34B to a 32D within 5 minutes and without resorting to surgery.  And accepting that I'm a size 6 in trousers - soooo far removed from the image I see of myself in the mirror.
2. Just a five minute conversation with one of my sisters and a text from t'other made me feel connected and held in mind.  Loving and being loved is perhaps the simplest but most heart-warming tingle one can have.

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  1. What a fabulous project Clare. I've seen Gretchen's site and it's quite inspirational. I shall be following you avidly! See you soon x