Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My Happiness Project Day 4 - Honesty

Written in haste as I have a crazily early start zooming around the north of the UK (and yes, I am wearing fatigue up to my eyebrows and the wrinkles this entails is not a good luck).....

Today has a been a veritable pick 'n' mix with the disappointing gob stoppers jammed in amongst the glorious flying saucers (oh happy days).  One thing that has struck me however is that being honest makes one happy.  Or certainly in my tiny instant.

So, I'm invited to spend Easter with both sisters, their families,four other couples (plus their, forgive me, awful blooming children) and said i'd like to - whilst keeping my virtual fingers crossed behind my back. I honestly cannot think of anything I'd enjoy less given I am permanently exhasuted.  I've not slept at all well for the past week but, having come clean with big sis last night, I found myself sleeping for nearly seven hours - and without images of floating ears and finge

Must go and fall asleep,

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