Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Happiness Project Day 3 - Giving

'Tis better to give than to receive.

Obviously I am unlikely to say 'I couldn't possibly....' if presented with a spanking fresh pair of Loubotins, a sprinkling of jewels or a clutch of velvety flowers (yes I know, who am I kidding?!), yet there is something to be said in the amount of pleasure and therefore happiness that is to be had in giving, as opposed to receiving.  If nothing else, for the simple reason that knowing that one can raise a smile and add a flutter of happiness to someone else's life, is within one's own power.  Whereas one could potentially wait for years to receive anything!  Cynical and twisted?  Of course but it doesn't detract from the happiness I had today by giving the simplest of tiny gifts.

Scenario 1 - a colleague mentioned recently that she loves walnuts.  I have a stash from my parents' tree that they so thoughtfully refresh every time they come to the UK.  It took less than one minute to fill a bag and then pop it on her desk before she arrived.  She had forgotten her throw away mark so was totally dumbfounded as to where the nutty gift had arrived.  I finally confessed and my day was accompanied by the sounds of her happy munching and murmurs of pleasure.

Scenario 2 - another colleague loves dark chocolate and favours truffles from a certain boutique chain.  Today she was pale and clutching her stomach but didn't say a word about the awful monthly pain she was suffering.  A simple two minute diversion at lunchtime saw me swing by her fave shop, buy a tiny bag of chocs and was greeted with the first smile that had graced her sweet face all day.

Sometimes it really is so ridiculously simple to provide someone with an opportunity to smile and to gain a lovely, gentle sense of happiness.

(p.s don't worry - far more material and physical sources of pleasure are to follow - I'm absolutely no angel.....)

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