Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Happiness Project Day 6

Today is, technically day seven, but yesterday I was simply too damned tired to blog, and it's not as if anyone is counting!

Until I changed career six months ago weekends tended to merge into workdays depending on the level of work I had to churn through.  Evenings were simply an extension of the working day, weekends were days 6 & 7 to bill and bank holidays did not exist if they were the only days clients had free to talk.

Absolutely no longer and my free time is now simply that.  Free.  And so when one of my closest friends who lives in Wales mentioned that she and her gorgeous family were going to be in the area for a birthday party with a mutual friend, I leapt at the chance to see them - and without even a glimmer of a thought that I should be working or doing something else.

So today's happiness?  Spending a snatched few hours with friends whom I love so deeply that they feel like my extended family.
Happiness?  My young 'nephew' holding me tight and letting my cuddle him at length whilst acting cool.
Happiness?  Being fortunate enough to attend the 1st birthday party of perhaps the most cuddly little boy I have ever met.
Happiness? A happy conversation with the parents without any recriminations .

Happiness Project Day number 6 - investing love and time into relationships of all sizes and stages.

Yet again, it's simple.  There seems to be a theme emerging.........

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