Sunday, 14 March 2010

Love of Words

I love words.  I appreciate that that may sound rather silly however it's true. They have an infinite power that we rarely stop to consider in our daily churn of life.  What else in our existence has the potential to both unite but also to destroy?  To bring overwhelming happiness yet also to provoke gulps of tears that threaten to rip your chest apart?  To add warmth to a dank day but also to scratch a chill along your spine?  When thrown away they can hurt immeasurably without thought.  Yet when applied with care, they have the ability to inspire, to create love, to induce happiness.

Yes, using words can be quite a responsibility.  I apply words with care for a living that seems to add a certain weight and seriousness to them.  When the stress levels reduce I allow the seeds of creativity to peek their wee heads into the light, and find fun in how words can be used.  I have notebooks full of the beginnings of short stories.  Crammed with characters who are jostling for an opportunity to be developed into a whole chapter, even a story, of their own.  I have a blog where words are concocted along with recipes.

I wake up with stories in my head after a night of vivid dreams yet never manage to capture them on paper.  I am a word thief.  I pick up discarded shopping lists and create characters and scenarios.  I grab the end of overheard conversations and turn them into possible story lines.

And, perhaps rather oddly, I sometimes visualise words as I or others speak them, in a printed form.

I have yet, however, found an outlet for my words that does not necessitate agonising thoughts as to how to develop them into a larger opus.  Ridiculous obviously with its thoughts of grandeur beyond my grasp, but a new friend has introduced me to a completely new outlet and one that feels liberated compared to my usual angst over writing towards a larger work.

Word play.  Turning words, scenarios and characters into something visual.  I simply have to find the words and the wonderfully artistic and talented Sarah creates a visual dream.

The words will appear on this blog.  As will the random writings that I cannot help but create.  By posting them here I can learn to have fun with words, rather than finding creativity being drained by writing endlessly weighty, serious 'work' focussed pieces.

A seed is planted.  The sun is shining. Spring has finally started.  Who knows what may grow?

Thank you Sarah.

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