Sunday, 20 May 2012

Happiness On A Stik!

Today provided the inevitable sunny breakthrough that I have learnt to trust will eventually dispel the stormy clouds that can settle above my head.  Don't get me wrong - the past couple of weeks have not been totally bleak - I've spent time with loved ones and had some thought provoking meetings but I've struggled to keep a few demons firmly back in their box, compounded with fighting off a boring cold.  

Happiness is however never that far away and is often on our own doorstep - and in this case, quite literally.  Today I happened to fall upon a tour of newly commissioned street art in my own corner of London with the artist Stik.  Interpretations of masterpieces housed in Dulwich Picture Gallery, stripped to their basic human essence, adorn six walls tucked amongst the backstreets of suburbia for everyone to enjoy for free.  I saw my neighbourhood with new eyes, learnt a huge amount in the process and was reminded to keep things simple.  Life need not be complicated - and that includes happiness.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Happiness Is A Chemical Formula

It is obvious that happiness is dependent on an utter myriad of factors which differ for each individual which, perhaps, makes it one of the most intriguing and enduringly debated subjects for mankind.  Of course elements of happiness are affected by our emotions and events it is, however, also a chemical thing - or so I convinced myself this morning.
Serotonin is known to influence one's mental state, as is the release of endorphins and also a hefty dose of Vitamin D.  In order to concoct this happy cocktail, I donned my trainers early this morning and went for a long run through my local park, bathed in glorious sunshine and surrounded by budding flowers.  Not the most scientific of formulas but one that seems to work - if you don't believe me, pop on your running shoes and give it a go - and before the bank holiday rain sets in.
Happy Monday.